david patrick beston

David Patrick Beston

David Patrick Beston has lived in New York for a long time and has a lot of experience with the city's business community and market. Someone who has worked for more than 10 years in the fastest-moving fields would expect him to move to another country at some point. That's not true for Beston, though. His life has always been about New York and home, no matter what.

Traveling and experiencing life at a young age

In fact, David Beston has been to a lot of places early in his life, before his career took off. His first trips to the other side of the world began when he served in the U.S. Marines early in his life and work. There, he was promoted to sergeant rank. During that time, he was stationed in Japan, Africa, and places like the Mojave Desert on the west coast of the United States. When Beston was young, he went to a lot of different countries. The hot Southwest is still a place where he gets away for vacation, separation, and some mental solitude while hiking, either in the Mojave or in the wilderness outside of Phoenix, Ariz.

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Because David Patrick Beston lives so close to the Northeast, he often takes advantage of the opportunity to visit. He also spends a lot of time in Maine for recreational activities. It isn't easy for him to get outside and enjoy the lakes, forests, mountains, and coast, but he does what he can. No matter what, Beston won't pass up an adventure or two in Central America's hot jungles if he has the chance to do so, either. Even though he's seen the world at least once or twice, Beston still lives in New York City. Beston still thinks of the Big Apple and Manhattan as the center of his world and his life.

A Mix of Interesting Backgrounds

As far as education goes, Beston has a wide range of skills and training that he can use on a regular basis. His first foray into higher education was thanks to his time in the military. After leaving the Marines and the military in general, Beston went into vocational training to help him transition back to the civilian world through a program called Merivis, which is only for veterans and gives David Beston a skill-based path to a job in cloud computing. That introduction to the most up-to-date tech tools on the Internet opened his eyes to what could be done there.

New York, NY

David Patrick Beston also earned a bachelor of arts from Hunter College CUNY, which is also in New York. As a result of his background, Beston could move between social issues and the arts as well as the mechanical nature of technology and the cutting edge of digital communication today. The same education also made Beston a big fan of post-modern American playwrights, especially those from the 1960s and the next decade. He also had a lot of love for them. He also became a huge fan of reading a lot of classic literature, such as works by Raymond Carver and David Foster Wallace, which he read a lot of. Even now, Beston is likely to read at least one or two books a week as an avid reader.

Perspectives on work that cover a wide range of life.

Career-wise, Beston's work-life kept up with his travels around the world. It was right after his time in the Marines that Beston worked as an English teacher in Suwon, Korea. This is because he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, and became used to living in the East during his tour of duty. This made it easy for him move from stationed to working in the classroom. However, when he came back to the job market in his home state, Beston's career really took off and grew. As a sales rep, David Beston found out that he was good at it. He also found that the financial industry was a natural fit for him because of technology and cloud computing. That combination of factors coming together just right led to 14 years of heavy-duty high-end sales experience and managing professional accounts at a c-suite level. It also gave David Beston a wide range of experience with a lot of different industries and their drivers, both on a macro and micro level, as well.

"Seize The Day."

He will keep looking for sales and marketing jobs that use his skills and experience, as well as give him more chances to travel and see a lot more of the world, going forward. He says that life is short and should be lived. Sitting around and wondering what-if is a waste of time and energy, but taking a risk and seeing what's possible is better.